AWS releases tool to open source that turns on-prem software into SaaS

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AWS announced today that’s it is releasing a tool called AWS SaaS Boost as open-source distributed under the Apache 2.0 licence so which is the first time announcement in the Amazon CEO invent conference last year designed to help companies transform their on-prem software into cloud-based software as a service.

What is AWS: Introduction to Amazon Web Services

aws cloud computing updates

So in the character of the software the complete describe the mission this way and Amazon also thinking about the the cloud computing so that the reason behind it

and this our mission is to create community driver suit and extensible building blocks so software services builders our goal is to foster an open environment to develop as a sharing receivable code that acceleration ability to deliver.

This is the new Amazon software launched yesterday and now we are sharing the effectiveness of the Amazon software services in cloud computing.

so what is the effective team does it provide the told to run to apply Kate into one that lets you sign up user and let them use the app and the multi-tenant cloud content.

Amazon system where you can access the number of IT services and cloud formation so this is the tool launched today by the Amazon Cloud Computing server.

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