Facebook banned in India from today?

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Facebook banned in India from today, Twitter, Instagram will not be banned in India from today I can agree with it because we know there is no more option like this to share our point of views on it.

Instagram banned in India ?

Instagram will not be ban in India because 90 % of India’s internet users their profile on Instagram so let me share with you some of the things I think more than 50 lakh people have internet earning from Instagram they will be unemployed from there.

in India, we don’t have any more ways to earn money at present so we have the limited option to earn from Instagram also.

if you are doing social media marketing in India you will lose your job or earnings to survive in their life Instagram will not be banned in India at any time for such conditions we don’t have already any work.

is Facebook banned in India ?

no, never ever Facebook will be banned in India because we have a lot of work from Facebook like facebook business and we can share our views on everything so it is an easy way to share our views with anyone and we have internet user and grow our advanced technology with the world.

Facebook banned in India from today is at boom now so we can’t decide to stop Facebook users in the whole of India because I think if you are doing digital marketing so you know better than me you can’t survive without it.

i just want to share with you our India users did the best use in digital marketing so we have more and more work to do anything now Facebook banned in India from today.

but Facebook banned in India from today want Indian user because 80 % of India user who is doing digital marketing they always take help from the Facebook via advertising also.

we have more than 200+ famous people in our country we have hubs user in our country now .

twitter banned in india ?

Twitter will release new terms and conditions with us they will take action with Twitter not take action for the user and they will consider those people they want to create Illegal content and wrong information with the user so government applies for that thing with the Facebook and Twitter owner so they will do start rules for posting on Twitter also.

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