How can I set up my IP address problem solved in my Cloudflare?

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yes, you can set up your IP address in your system if you are using domain and hosting simply without SSL security so you can go to the cloud flare system and activate your free SSL certificate in your cloud flare.

Free SSL certificate join

IP address problem solved
IP address problem solved

you can activate your SSL activate in Cloudflare because SSL is free for one year and you can renew for one year later.

SSL is not a security system only here you can grow your web speed for free and Cloudflare is the data center set up in every country and if you set up your web data in Cloudflare so Cloudflare will save your cookies at every data center.

when someone open you website from the USA so USA data center give the content views from data center of USA .

there is no need to release content from India because where your data save that country give you content from that data center.

different IP address issue

yes, you are facing the issue of IP address now because your domain hosting company have ip address another but we got the from the command prompt and you can refelect different ip address in your website it is the issue of cloudflare .

cloud flare hides yourip address problem solved and reflects cloud flare IP address and your IP address will be hidden forever. no one can find you and check your server location anytime and give you perfect speed and support also.

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