oxygen level in the human body

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oxygen is the main part of the human body if you want to live in your life you can’t live without it for any second so at present covid destroy everyone life we can’t live easily today.

we must have maintained our oxygen level in covid time I will share with you some of my views on how can I maintain my oxygen level in my body during coronavirus.

how to increase the oxygen level in covid patients naturally ?

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you can take good medical advice of your personal doctor and if you want to increase your oxygen level at home you must focus on your breathing and you avoid some of the important things like don’t live any summer place take good AC or color also you can take table fan because if you live very high temperate climate you can’t maintain your oxygen level.

according to me if you live in high temperatures you need more oxygen and glucose to survive your body. you can take steam because you will take oxygen your noise will open properly then you can take breath properly.

when I faced all these problems that time I just took steam again and again I got clean my noise and feel good internally.

if you will not work on these things you may face oxygen problems you will need oxygen but in India, the oxygen crisis is at a peak level so where will you manage your oxygen so you can sit the front of a fan, AC, you can’t avoid anything else today.

oxygen level in human body

oxygen level must be more than 95 because if you got your oxygen-less than 95 you must take action at that time because less than 95 is not good to focus your level and increase your oxygen yet.

good oxygen level is 97 to 99 you are here at the safe zone when i was suffering from corona that time i was faced 92,94,95,96,99 but finally, i got 99 so would be in the safe zone.

what should be oxygen level in human body

it should be more than 95 here you can say it is good but try to do 100 if you can do it try to increase your oxygen level.

how much oxygen is required for human body

oxygen required for the human body is more 90 if you get it all time 90 you are not breathing properly because when you take your breath you forced for breath it is not normal but you can change it in good breath after increasing your level of oxygen.

average oxygen level in human body

The average oxygen level in hum body is 96-97 is the very average oxygen level in the human body if you have this you don’t worry about anything else because I think it is normal for everyone I just have 96 so I am ok with it.

is 88 oxygen level bad ?

yes, it is too bad if you good it. you must contact your doctor and tell him or her I got 88 oxygen in my body because if you have this you can’t take your breath properly. you need any portable oxygen to take your breath properly. you need ventilation immediately

my covid experience to take oxygen

i got myself corona positive after the test my corona so I can’t say anything about when I listen about the corona test I would be blocked from thinking because I just came from marriage so I think about that how many peoples got positive during the party but I did not share anything else with anyone.

my first day

i suffering from fever and my body temperature is 99 and body pain I so i did take my medicines in time so my first day was not serious.

my second day

i did not feel any fever and pain but could not take breath properly I got my troat very stuck with anything and very dry also. I can’t breathe from my nose because I felt cold at peak level but when I take a breath from my mouth after taking 4-6 steam I feel relax and take a breath from the nose.

my oxygen level was not too good at that time because my level was 92 it was not too good but after taking steam I increase my level to 96 then I was okay with me.

my third day

i feel heat Exhaustion at peak level but I was in AC and took a table fan in front of the face. I feel good and manage my 3 days.

my fourth day

i could not take food properly I don’t know why am I take my diet properly but I did not feel to take anything else.

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