what are the barriers of communication?

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Let us what are the barriers pf communication at this time, I will discuss with you most of the barriers of communication one by one. some of the basic misunderstandings going on in life can be the effective barriers now but you can reduce all of the barriers now.

Barriers to Effective Communication: Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Linguistic Barriers

communication is the best way to express the exact feeling of human being today. in your communication barrier, you need to learn effective and good correct language from zero to ten.

Psychological Barriers

when we want to express our feeling in front of someone then we got some small problems in front of us we got worried and hesitated from our overthink problem.

Emotional Barriers

emotional intelligence is the best way to make your conversation more productive and deep so if you are going to touch anyone heart and soul you need to learn the exact timing of your emotional tears so when you want to indicate someone intention you can feel the emotional feel now you will capture all of them barrier today.

but if you are going to express your feeling and words with the best affection you need to consider your emotions. it can be wrong or right for you.

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