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You are using your maximum allotment (1) of MariaDB/MySQL databases. If you want more, contact your service provider.

hello friends, if you faced the MySQL database problem, in your hosting server4 you can overcome it easier now because I can give you my own database issue.

if you are using the WordPress basic hosting then you will get the issue in your WordPress so you can fix it and you can do it for free.

delete unwanted files from your database

yes, you can delete files from your system and you can take a backup first not least because if you are not of database expert you need to take backup.

backup: open the firefox browser in your system and you can log in there for backup and you can get back up there so after taking backup you can do more processes.

delete files from phpmyadmin

first, check your database limit on your c panel and you can delete some of the comments files and traffic files, and plugin files but don’t take any wrong action during the clear database.

plugin help to clear unwanted files

you can go to your plugin browser and you can find any database clear files plugin than you can download anyone than you can do from there easily so you never hit wrong thing in your plugin .

If you want to solved the issue in database this article will help to you get a job there now

select files to drive in database

you can select files in your php my admin and you can select that things so you will unlink all of the unwanted files storage from your php admin ..

delete comments ,and plugin free space files from your system so it will reduce in your memory .

change your hosting plan

you can go for business hosting in your hosting pannel if you are facing the problem of any kind of error of slow dashboard you can change all problems whan you will choose good hosting .

it is the issue of your surver not your you can upgrade your hosting now

if you need anything else from me you can contact us we will in touch with you

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